Our expert team provides extensive professional services including consultancy, design, assembly, warranty and post-warranty support for a wide range of photovoltaic systems and, as a first in the autochtonous market, the company has the capability and resources to co-found the entire project. Given this unique package of services available on the specialised market of this industry, Mir Green Power, as the executive distributor of photovoltaic systems and kits manufactured by Mir Solar Tech, is the ideal partner which provides “turnkey” solutions perfectly tailored to fit the energy independence needs of its customers in the civil, public or commercial sectors.


Established în 2009, Mir Solar Technologies is a company specialised in the following areas of activity:

- development of photovoltaic panels, under its own brand name MST®;

- design and development of cutting-edge photovoltaic systems able to generate green energy;

- residential PV systems – with power outputs from 5 to 15kW;

- commercial PV systems (designed for small factories, farms and accommodation facilities) – with power outputs varying from 10 to 100kW;

- small, medium and large scale solar parks (over 1MW);

- measurements and testing of the PV panels’ electrical characteristics, using the Sun Simulator, Class AAA, Spire Solar®.

As a first phase of the development process, the initial investment has been used to build up a manufacturing plant of highly efficient photovoltaic panels where the entire production process is based on the employment of cutting-edge technology that uses a Spire Solar® production line able to deliver 60MW on a yearly-basis and which allowed our company to develop state-of-the-art PV panels under its own brand name: MST®. Mir Solar Technologies is the only supplier of highly efficient photovoltaic systems that holds the proper technology to test and guarantee the quality of all products it delivers to its customers. Both the quality of the MST® panels as well as the production process of the MST® panels are duly certified by TÜV Austria.

As a result of employing new technological operations designed to incorporate the MST photovoltaic panels into fully integrated systems that generate solar energy, i.e power stations, using state-of-the-art components provided by leading suppliers on this market, Mir Solar Technologies became one important manufacturer of photovoltaic power stations developed under its own brand name: MST. As the manufacturer of the products it supplies, Mir Solar Technologies provides full direct guaranty of all photovoltaic systems it develops: 12-year warranty for the MST photovoltaic systems and 5-year warranty for inverters.

Given the performances, the quality and the versatility of the integration solutions, the wide range of MTS products are fit to be used both in the civil sectors (2-10KW) and the public and commercial areas (15-100KW) as well as in the assemblies designed for solar parks, being thus able to satisfy the needs and requirements of private or corporate clients who are seeking to become energetically independent.